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Wolfgang Glänzel, et al. (2016) Data collection and use in research funding and performing organisations. General outlines and first results of a project launched by Science Europe. Scientometrics (2016) 106:825–835 (DOI 10.1007/s11192-015-1815-z)

Wolfgang Glänzel, Raphael Beck, Katrin Milzow, Stig Slipersæter, Gábor Tóth, Michał Kołodziejski, Pei-Shan Chi (2016) Data collection and use in research funding and performing organisations. General outlines and first results of a project launched by Science Europe. Scientometrics (2016) 106:825–835
DOI 10.1007/s11192-015-1815-z

Indicatorenboek 2015 (Inclusief geactualiseerde tijdsreeksen dd.15.11.2016)

Wetenschap, technologie en innovatie zijn onmiskenbaar essentiële hefbomen tot welvaart en welzijn in onze maatschappij. De Vlaamse
overheid heeft de laatste twintig jaar veelvuldig aandacht besteed aan de ontwikkeling van de kwaliteit en de slagkracht van het Vlaams
Wetenschaps-, Technologie- en Innovatiesysteem. Het brede spectrum van wetenschappelijk en technologisch onderzoek aan de Vlaamse
kennisinstellingen is daarbij vervolledigd met maatregelen en instrumenten om het innovatievermogen van de in Vlaanderen opererende

Flemish Indicatorbook

The Flemish Indicatorbook contains the policy indicators that shed a light on the Flemish potential in terms of science, technology and innovation. The Indicatorbook is being published every two years since 1999, coordinated by the Interuniversity Centre for Research and Development Monitoring (ECOOM).

Proceedings bibliometrics group 2011

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Bibliometrics group book chapters 2011

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Bibliometrics group book chapters 2009

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Bibliometrics group papers 2009


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Domain studies - Stem Cells - Analysis of an Emerging domain of Scientific and Technological Endeavour

Embryonic or somatic stem cells are seen as promising therapeutic tools for the treatment of number of several severe human diseases such as leukemia, diabetes, Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis and other degenerative diseases. Embryonic stem (ES) cells have been isolated from the mouse more than twenty years ago, and it is only during the last five years that human ES cells have successfully been isolated and propagated in a very limited number of laboratories mostly in United States, Australia, Israel and Sweden.

Domain studies - Biotechnology

This report contains both a bibliometric analysis and a patent analysis of the domain of biotechnology in Flanders. It is modelled after the template that has been developed by Steunpunt O&O Statistieken and that has been applied earlier to the study of nanotechnology. The template is based on a systematic analysis of the two main data sources, bibliometric and patent data, available at Steunpunt O&O Statistieken.

Domain studies - Nanotechnology - An Analysis based on Publications and Patents

This report aims to provide a bibliometric and patent study of the field of nanoscience and technology (NST) in the period 1992-2001. The report consists of two parts, the first one analyses the scientific literature in this field, the second part is concerned with the analysis of patents issued in NST. A central element of bibliometric and patent research in an emerging field like NST is its delineation through a suitable search strategy.

Domain studies - Translational research

This report presents a first integrated analysis of the building blocks (scientific, technological, clinical and economic) for translational biomedical research in Flanders. The result of the mapping is a set of indicators that can be used by policy makers for determining a baseline of research, technological and economic activity in Flanders, to benefit from an increased focus on translational biomedical research. The report contains a detailed analysis of the position of Flanders with respect to the various building blocks of the translational biomedical innovation chain.