ECOOM-Antwerp is responsible for maintaining the Flemish Academic Bibliographic Database for the Social Sciences and Humanities (VABB-SHW). The idea behind the construction of VABB-SHW is to be able to count all scientific publications within the Social Sciences and Humanities disciplines, published by researchers working for one of the Flemish universities. In accordance to the BOF-regulation and the BOF-key, the VABB-SHW made it possible as of 2011 to distribute research funding amongst the universities taking into account all scientific publications. All Flemish universities work closely together to update the VABB-SHW every year.

In order to decide which publications will be accepted for inclusion in the VABB-SHW, the Flemish Government initiated the "Gezaghebbend Panel" (GP). ECOOM-Antwerp assists the GP by delivering on a yearly basis an overview of journals and publishers that during the last ten years published scientific contributions from Flemish university researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities. ECOOM-Antwerp also delivers overviews of proceedings publications, books, series information and ad hoc needed information by the GP. Based on the conditions for countability, yearly set by the GP, ECOOM-Antwerp determines all countable publications and their corresponding weights, and this for all Flemish universities. The VABB-SHW therefore allows to count and internationally benchmark scientific publications from researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities, working for a Flemish university. Other European countries and the European Science Foundation also make great efforts to unambiguously count publications in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Based on the VABB-SHW, characteristics from scientific production in the Social Sciences and Humanities can be studied, e.g. publication types, interdisciplinarity, language use, and co-authorship. ECOOM-Antwerp especially focuses on identifying trends in Social Sciences and Humanities publishing.

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