IOF (Industrieel Onderzoeksfonds)

The establishment of the Industrial research fund (IOF) was an initiative of the Flemish government. The main goals of this  fund are aimed  at the  valorization of the university knowledge in the form of community and/or commercial applications. The Flemish government budgeted a large amount to be used by the Flemish universities to make a substantial contribution to this goal. The budget are distributed among the universities on the basis of several parameters related to valorization for instance industrial projects, EU-projects, spin-offs, patents, doctoral dissertation. 
Data provision for IOF
The technometrics group of ECOOM is responsible for the data provision of parameter 5 and 6 (patents and spin-offs) of the IOF key. 
Patent extraction and validation
The academic patents which are taken into account for the IOF key are EP applications and grants, US grants and WO applications where the university are (co-)applicant in a time window of 5 years.After a validation round by the Flemish universities, the validated patent counts are presented to the steering committee. 
Spin-off creation
To take the creation of spin-offs at the Flemish universities into account, the official start-up documents are collected by ECOOM. Based on these start-up documents (start-up date, structure of shareholders, technology transfer) a list of relevant spin-off companies created in a time frame of 5 years are presented to the steering committee.