Naast de verschillende dienstverleningen aan de Vlaamse overheid dragen de onderzoekers van ECOOM ook bij tot het academisch onderzoek in verschillende onderzoeksdomeinen.

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Eykens, J., Guns, R., & Engels, T. C. E. (2020)

 Fine-grained classification of social science journal articles using textual data: A comparison of supervised machine learning approaches

In: Quantitative Science Studies, 1–26

2021 - Bibliometrie - UAntwerpen

Eykens, J., Guns, R., Engels, T. (2021)

Clustering social sciences and humanities publications: Can word and document embeddings improve cluster quality?

2021 - Bibliometrie - UAntwerpen

Glänzel, W., Debackere, K. (2021)

Various aspects of interdisciplinarity in research and how to quantify and measure those.

2021 - Bibliometrie - KU Leuven

Glänzel, W., Thijs, B., & Huang, Y. (2021)

Improving the precision of subject assignment for disparity measurement in studies of interdisciplinary research.

In: FEB Research Report MSI_2104

2021 - Bibliometrie - KU Leuven

Huang, Y., Glänzel, W., Thijs, B., Porter, A.L., & Zhang, L. (2021)

The comparison of various similarity measurement approaches on interdisciplinary indicators

In: FEB Research Report MSI_2102

2021 - Bibliometrie - KU Leuven

Petr, M., Engels, T. Kulczycki, Duskova, M., Guns, R., Sieberova, M., Sivertsen, G.

A comparison of Web of Science coverage for five European countries. 
In the social sciences and humanities:

2021 - Bibliometrie - UAntwerpen

Sile, L., Guns, R., Alesia, A., Engels T. (2021)

Towards complexity-sensitive book metrics for scholarly monographs in national databases for research output

2021 - Bibliometrie - UAntwerpen

Sīle, L., Guns, R., Vandermoere, F., Sivertsen, G., & Engels, T. C. E. (2021)

 Tracing the context in disciplinary classifications: A bibliometric pairwise comparison of five classifications of journals in the social sciences and humanities.

In: Quantitative Science Studies, 1–29

2021 - Bibliometrie - UAntwerpen

Thijs, B., Huang, Y. & Glänzel, W. (2021)

Comparing different implementations of similarity for disparity and variety measures in studies on interdisciplinarity

In: FEB Research Report MSI_2103  

2021 - Bibliometrie - KU Leuven

Vandewalle, E., Guns, R., Engels, T. 

The uptake of a label for peer-reviewed books:  The Flemish GPRC label

2021 - Bibliometrie - UAntwerpen