The expertise centre ECOOM maps the Flemish R&D and innovation landscape

Flemish Indicatorbook

Science, technology and innovation are undeniably essential levers of prosperity and well-being in our society. The Flemish government has therefor given frequent and multifaceted attention to the development of the quality and the strength of the Flemish Science, Technology and Innovation system.

Since 1999 the Indicators book is published every other year under the coordination of the interuniversity Expertise Centre for Research and Development monitoring (ECOOM).

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3%-light note 2022 now available

To improve its competitiveness as a strong region within Europe, Flanders has affirmed its commitment to the European objective of spending 3% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on Research and Development (R&D) by 2020. Progress in approaching this 3% objective is checked each year based on numbers obtained from the R&D Survey and the Innovation Survey (CIS).
(note: The 3% note is only available in Dutch.)

On this page you can find more information about the 3% note and consult previous versions.

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Research & Development Survey 2022

The Research & Development Survey of the Flemish Government asks whether a company conducted research and development activities (internally or at customers) or purchased R&D from third parties. 

If you received the Research & Development Survey 2022, you can complete the survey online by clicking on the link below using the username and password you have received.