GUESSS survey and report description

The Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Student's Survey (GUESSS) is a comprehensive international survey that assesses the entrepreneurial intentions, activities, and attitudes of university students worldwide. By capturing the entrepreneurial aspirations and behaviors of students worldwide, GUESSS contributes to the global understanding of student entrepreneurship and provides a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among researchers and practitioners in the field.

GUESSS conducts its survey bi-annually, collecting data from a large sample of students from various universities and disciplines. The survey covers a wide range of topics related to entrepreneurship, including students' intentions to start their own businesses, their entrepreneurial activities while studying, the support they receive from their educational institutions, and the challenges they face. The report produced by GUESSS synthesizes and analyzes the survey data, presenting key findings and trends in student entrepreneurship at a global level.

By participating in GUESSS, Belgian universities demonstrate their commitment to understanding and improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem within their institutions. The involvement of Belgian universities in GUESSS allows them to benchmark their efforts and outcomes against international counterparts. Furthermore, it facilitates the exchange of best practices and ideas among academic institutions giving the chance to gain insights into the factors influencing entrepreneurial intentions, the effectiveness of entrepreneurship education programs, and the impact of the broader economic and social environment on student entrepreneurial activities.

The GUESSS report is regarded as a reliable and authoritative source of information on student entrepreneurship, it typically includes comprehensive analyses, data visualizations, and recommendations to help stakeholders make informed decisions and develop effective strategies to promote and nurture entrepreneurial spirit among higher education students.