In this research project, the researchers aim to provide comprehensive insights and evidence-based policy proposals to stimulate and support student entrepreneurship of higher education students in Flanders.

The project consists of two research tracks aimed to yield actionable outcomes:

  1. A qualitative research track which involves gathering in-depth information and practical proposals for fostering and facilitating student entrepreneurship and students’ entrepreneurial mindset in higher education institutions. The study will develop ideal types, informed by a thorough analysis of existing models and frameworks, to serve as effective blueprints for Flemish educational institutions and their entrepreneurship centres.
  2. A quantitative research track which aims to achieve the following objectives:
    1. Mapping entrepreneurial activities and intentions: Through data collection (participation in the GUESSS data gathering wave) and analysis, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the current entrepreneurial landscape among Flemish higher education students. This includes identifying the activities being pursued and the motivations driving their entrepreneurial aspirations.
    2. International benchmarking: By comparing the entrepreneurial activities and intentions of Flemish higher education students with international data (thanks to our participation in the GUESSS data gathering waves), we gain valuable insights into the relative performance and position of Flanders on a global scale. This benchmarking exercise enables us to identify areas for improvement and implement effective measures in line with international standards.
    3. Creation of a unique Flemish panel dataset: This dataset enables the targeted and informed development of long-term policies by providing a platform to track and analyze the evolving entrepreneurial activities of Flemish students over time. By utilizing this dataset, policymakers can make informed decisions and adapt their strategies based on the changing dynamics of the student entrepreneurship landscape.

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Contact persons

Hendrik Slabbinck


Erika Branca

Post-doctoral researcher
UGent & UAntwerpen