In addition to the services for the Flemish government, the researchers of ECOOM also contribute to academic research in various research domains.

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Jonker, H. Vanlee, F. (2022)

Exploring structural patterns in the uptake of scientific publications in policy-related documents using the Overton altmetrics database: the case of universities in Flanders, Belgium

In: Proceedings STI 2022 Granada (26th International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators)

2022 - Bibliometrics - VUB

Jonker, H., Vanlee, F., & Ysebaert, W. (2022)

Societal impact of university research in the written press: media attention in the context of SIUR and the open science agenda among social scientists in Flanders, Belgium

in Scientometrics, 1-18

2022 - Evaluation of societal impact of research - VUB

Jonker, H., Theunissen, A., Vanlee, F. Spithoven, A., Ysebaert, W. Gender and career patterns among social scientists in the written press. An analysis of media coverage of social scientists in Flanders.

2022 - Evaluation of societal impact of research - VUB

ECOOM-VUB Research notes November 2022.

Jonker, H., Theunissen, A., Vanlee, F. Spithoven, A., Ysebaert, W. Gender- en carrièrepatronen bij sociale wetenschappers in de geschreven pers. Een analyse van media-aandacht voor sociale wetenschappers in Vlaanderen. 

2022 - Evaluation of societal impact of research - VUB

ECOOM-VUB Onderzoeksnota's, November 2022.

Konings, J., Sagyndykova, G., Subramanian, V., Volckaert, A. (2022)

The granular nature of emerging market economies: The case of Kazakhstan

In: Econ Transit Institut Change. 2022, pp.1–36

2022 - Economy and business - KU Leuven

Kulczycki, E., Huang, Y., Zuccala, A. A., Engels, T.C.E., Ferrara, A., Guns, R., Pölönen, J., Sivertsen, G., Taşkın, Z., & Zhang, L. (2022)

Uses of the Journal Impact Factor in national journal rankings in China and Europe. In: Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology

2022 - Bibliometrics - UAntwerpen, KU Leuven

Lecocq, C., Konings, J., Merlevede, B. (2022)

Does a tax deduction scheme matter for jobs and investment by multinational and domestic enterprises? Canadian Journal of Economics

2022 - Economy and business - KU Leuven

Luo, Z., Callaert, J., Zeng, D., Van Looy, B. with Zeng, D. (2022)

Knowledge recombination, environmental turbulence and firms' innovation quality: the evidence from Chinese pharmaceutical industry 


2022 - Technometrics - KU Leuven

Mortier, A., Bebiroglu, N.,  Teelken, C., van der Weijden, I., McAlpine, L., (2022)

Rethinking doctoral education for careers within and beyond the academy

2022 - Doctoral careers - UGent

Mortier, A.; Matthys, J.; Levecque, K.; Verlinden, L.; Wille, L.

Een doctoraat en ondernemerschap

2022 - Doctoral careers - UGent

Output ECOOM UGent; Interviews; PhD; PhD holders; Doctoraat; Doctoraathouders; Niet-academische carrière; Non-academic career; Mobiliteit; Mobility; intersectoral mobility, intersectorele mobiliteit; PhD careers; doctoraatscarrières