The Survey of Junior Researchers (SJR) maps the determinants of academic careers on the basis of individual factors (e.g. perceptions, intentions and attitudes) and structural factors (e.g. team climate). It is addressed to all junior researchers who are affiliated to one of the five Flemish universities. It has already been carried out in 2008, 2013 and 2018. This periodic survey offers the possibility to check whether there have been significant shifts in the process of carrying out a PhD in Flanders.

The survey makes it possible to map complex processes, such as the experience of obstacles and the levers that make PhD students flourish. Furthermore, insight is also gained into career aspirations, experience with functioning and expectations in the non-academic sector, the added value of a PhD outside the university and the investment in so-called generic competences.

The 2018 survey also focused specifically on international junior researchers. What makes Flanders attractive to top international talent? With which career ambitions do these young international researchers carry out their PhDs at Flemish universities? Do those ambitions change as they work longer in Flanders?