KU Leuven

The main objective of research activities is the methodological support of ECOOM services for the Flemish government.

The research agenda of the bibliometrics group KU Leuven is focussed on three main directions, methodological/theoretical, applied and policy relevant research. These activities are carried out in the following three domains.

  • Information science with a focus on bibliometrics, scientometrics and informetrics comprises, among others, the development and extension of models, methods and indicators for the quantification and measurement of scientific communication processes and the impact of research output, structural network analysis and the use of new metrics. His research forms the groundwork of most applications to services and policy-relevant studies.  
  • Research in computer science encompasses development and application of new methods to document clustering, bibliometrics-aided data retrieval and computer-linguistics with new quantitative-lexical methods.  
  • Science-policy relevant research foregrounds bibliometric methods and its applications to the evaluation and benchmarking of research profiles and performance at various levels such as the European Union, countries and regions, institutes, research teams and individual scientists. 

ECOOM Leuven has developed its own methodological basis though, but also maintains collaborative relationships with domestic partners and international research centres.  


Veronique Adriaenssens
Naamsestraat 61, bus 3551, 3000 Leuven