ECOOM-VUB is responsible for the development of a registration and evaluation model for those forms of research output that have a non-written form. The research in design and in the arts as it is being carried out at the Flemish faculties of architecture and design and at the Schools of Arts, acts hereby as a specific case, with the primary objective of developing a database containing the research results generated in these institutions. ECOOM VUB uses a stakeholder-driven approach in which all institutions are involved, and together with EWI laid the foundation for such a data file within the FRIS portal.

ECOOM VUB also initiates a line of research aimed at developing a better understanding of the concept of "social impact" and of its evaluation within a research context. Regional and European policymakers agree that research and innovation play a crucial role in addressing major societal challenges. Research has more than an academic or economic impact, it has a broad social impact that is difficult to measure. However, the evaluation of this is important precisely in the rollout of new research strategies within the current social context and that is why ECOOM VUB initiates the development of it for research in Flanders.


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