In the "Report on the simplification of research reporting in Flanders", Peters and Lambrechts (2011) described the redundancy in technology classification schemes, currently used in the Flemish research landscape, to classify research by its technological sector (i.e. FRIS/IWETO application areas, IWT technology codes, International Patent Classification, Fraunhofer technology domains). In this report, recommendations were formulated to determine a standard for technology codes in line with (inter)national trends.

ECOOM-Hasselt, in cooperation with the technometrics group of ECOOM-Leuven, will determine this standard for technology codes. In consultation with all stakeholders, this standard will be provided with semantic descriptions. This will enable a uniform implementation and use in the entire Flemish research landscape and in the FRIS research portal in particular. In addition, concordance tables to existing (inter)national classification schemes will be provided, allowing mappings to be made to both existing and historical classification schemes.


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