Naast de verschillende dienstverleningen aan de Vlaamse overheid dragen de onderzoekers van ECOOM ook bij tot het academisch onderzoek in verschillende onderzoeksdomeinen.

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Sīle, L., Pölönen, J., Sivertsen, G., Guns, R., Engels, T.C.E., Arefiev, P., Dušková, M., Faurbæk, L., Holl, A., Kulczycki, E., Nelhans, G., Petr, M., Pisk, M., Soós, S., Stojanovski, J., Stone, A., Šušol, J., & Teitelbaum, R. (2018)

Comprehensiveness of national bibliographic databases for social sciences and humanities: Findings from a European Survey. 

Research Evaluation, 27 (4), 310-322
​​​​DOI: org/10.1093/reseval/rvy016

2018 - UAntwerpen

Thijs, B., Glänzel, W. (2018)

The contribution of the lexical component in hybrid clustering, the case of four decades of “Scientometrics”.

Scientometrics, 115(1), 21-33.
DOI: 10.1007/s11192-018-2659-0

2018 - Bibliometrie - KU Leuven

van Kerckhoven, B. (2018)

Communicating research in the arts: Multiple methods, multiple perspectives.

In: Ysebaert, W. & van Kerckhoven, B. (Eds.), Evaluating art and design research: Reflections, evaluation practices and research presentations, Brussels: VUBPress.
ISBN 978 90 5718 699 8

2018 - VUB

Vancauwenbergh S., Poelmans, H. (2018)

The creation of the Flemish research discipline list, a huge step forward in harmonizing research information (systems).

FAIRness of Research Information: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems (CRIS2018).

2018 - Classificatiebeheer - UHasselt

Vanderstraeten, R., & Eykens, J. (2018)

Communalism and internationalism: Publication norms and structures in international social science.

Serendipities: Journal for the Sociology and History of the Social Sciences, 3 (1), 14-28
DOI: 10.25364/11.3:2018.1.2

2018 - UAntwerpen

Verleysen, F. T., & Engels, T. C. E. (2018)

How arbitrary are the weights assigned to books in performance-based research funding? An empirical assessment of the weight and size of monographs in Flanders. 

Aslib Journal of Information Management, 70(6), 660–672.
DOI: org/10.1108/AJIM-05-2018-0110

2018 - UAntwerpen

Vlegels, J. en Ysebaert, W. (2018)

Creative Brussels. Mapping cultural and creative employment and self-employment in the Brussels-Capital Region.

In: Rinschbergh, F., Swyngedouw, E. and Vlegels, J., Cultural & Creative Industries in Brussels. Creativity in a divided city. La créativité dans une ville divisée. Brussel, VUBPress, 2018, p. 47-72.

2018 - VUB

Vlegels, J., Ysebaert, W. (2018)

Creativiteit, diversiteit en werkomstandigheden: een analyse van de drietand van culturele en creatieve arbeid in België. Creativity, diversity and working conditions: an analysis of labour in the cultural and creative sectors in Belgium.

In: Sociologos: Tijdschrift voor Sociologie, 39, 2018/3, p. 210-241.

2018 - UGent, VUB

Wang, Z., Glänzel, W., Chen, Y. (2018)

How self-archiving influences the citation impact of a paper: a bibliometric analysis of arXiv papers and non-arXiv papers in the field of information science and library science. 

STI 2018 Conference Proceedings.

2018 - Bibliometrie - KU Leuven

Weckowska, D., Molas-Gallart, J., Tang, P., Twigg, D., Castro-Martinez, E., Kijeńska-Dąbrowska, I., Debackere, K., Libaers, D., Meyer, M. (2018)

University Patenting and Technology Commercialization - Legal Frameworks and the Importance of Local Practice.

R&D Management, 48 (1), 88-108.
DOI: 10.1111/radm.12123

2018 - Bibliometrie - KU Leuven